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"Each item I purchase from Gem Finds Vintage has brought joy, new life, and a touch of history into my home decor. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of their business, from the carefully curated selection to the meticulous packaging of each item. Allyn has an impressive knowledge about antique and vintage pieces and is also incredibly responsive and friendly, making me feel genuinely valued as a customer."

- Monica

"Every piece I get from Gem Finds is better than the last! Allyn and Shaun are very transparent about any flaws/damage and are such sweet people. And the items are so well-packed which is super appreciated. Always happy with my purchases!"

- Suzanne

"I love the thrill of in-person vintage shopping and find that it is often tricky to recreate online. Allyn manages to replicate the treasure hunting experience by including her customers in the sourcing process through behind the scenes content, hauls, and individual responses. Purchasing from Gem Finds feels like you are selecting from Allyn’s personal collection as each item is treated with incredible care and attention to detail (and always arrives in one piece)."

- Jessie

"My shopping experience was nothing short of amazing! The detailed photos and videos show you exactly what you’re getting. Everything is packaged and sent with extreme caution in mind, I never worry that something will break in transit. And amazing communication along the way. I wouldn’t buy vintage online anywhere else."

- Jessica

"Gem Finds Vintage is a fantastic, home-grown source for beautiful antiques and timeless pieces. Allyn and Shaun are wonderful to work with and bring excitement to vintage finding! Their professionalism and genuine passion for what they do is what keeps everyone coming back. They take the time to thoughtfully source and research the right pieces every time—a true small business success story!"

- Jerald

"I have had nothing but amazing experiences shopping with Gem Finds Vintage. She finds just the most unique, colorful pieces and always give a fair price. She discloses any/all imperfections and really just makes shopping easy and fun. I highly recommend!"

- Norma

"Not only are the items true gems, but Allyn is the real gem! Her personality, her laugh, her heart are all things everyone quickly falls in love with when buying, watching lives, or just chatting back and forth with Allyn! Allyn always has a smile on her face and tries to find the best price for her customers! Her packaging is always top notch and I have never received anything broken or damaged."

- Elise

“I absolutely love Gem Finds Vintage! Allyn has the most tasteful eye for curating a well rounded selection of antique goods. My go to shop for beautiful art glass!”

- Lilly

“Gem finds vintage has been a wonderful find in my life! Allyn finds the most unique, vintage items that can be the greatest addition in any home. She always prices her items fairly and provides as much information as possible relating to every item sold. I always look forward to seeing all of her new finds in her collections!”

- Lauren

A curated collection of timeless vintage finds.

Each carefully curated item tells a unique story and holds the promise of cherished memories. From brass accents to exquisite glassware, Gem Finds Vintage is a haven for collectors and nostalgia enthusiasts alike, offering a delightful journey through time.

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